Our Whanau

David and Sylvia Heke

David Heke is my eldest son he is married to Sylvia and they live in Brisbane Australia. They have 3 Children . Sarah who is the eldest , the Melanie who is married with 2 children and Matthew

Piet and Carolyn Kee

Piet and Carolyn are married and live in the Wellington area. They have 2 children Hannah (who lived in the UK) and Johnathan (who lives in Auckland).

Danya and Emma Heke

Danya is my grandson. He and Emma have 3 lovely children

Melanie and Tim Swart

Melanie is my grand daughter and is married to Tim they live in Mango Hill and have two children

Adam and Sarah Dotta-Heke

Sarah is my Eldest grand child she is married to Adam and lives in Griffiths Qld.

Matthew and Elle Heke

Matthew is my grandson and is married to Elle. They have 2 children and live at Bray Park, Qld.

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