tony cairns
Thank you for sharing your wonderfukl website and whakapapa
with us. I was wondering if the PRAGNELLS amd PRANGNELLS connect
as the names seem mixed in teh official records
best wishes
tony cairns
i relate to the pragnells through my grandmother
Phone Number w/ Area Code(): 6449348669
07 - June - 2009
Jess Williams
Tena koutou katoa. My name is Jess Williams, my Great Great Grandfather was Pererika Heke. His son Henare Rika married Teara Tuporo and they had Annie Rika Heke. She married Hohepa Paratene and they had Lorreen Broughton (my mother). I see my uncle Fred has already posted. Haven't seen you's for ages I hope the whanau are all well. Great to hear that you are staying at Penia. Ma te wa. Jess.
01 - June - 2009
Russell Putu Ngapere Pene Climie Heke
Grandfather Grandmother Father
BillHeke MoengaroaHeke MauiHeke
27 - May - 2009
Sonny Raumati Heke
Fathers Name Raumati Rehopoama Heke Grandfather name Rehopoama Waikeri Heke married Heti Pere Wihongi his brothers where Rika,Putete,Wharepouri an others
11 - May - 2009
Fredrick Harold Rika
Kia Ora Whanau

I am Henare Rika son, my grandfather is Perehika Rika. We have the land in Penia, Kaeo will post pictures of the land and whanau. All whanau are welcome to come home as the land is at the mouth of the Whangaroa Habour where there is lots of kai. My son James Rika has bought my brothers house at Penia where I will live with him until I die. We want to build at whanau marae at Penia and decendants of Pereheke Rika are most welcome.
15 - April - 2009
harmony heke
08 - April - 2009
john frederick robin tito
whanau through pererika/wharepapa marriage my grandfather was hone rika heke grandmother hariata ngamoki my mother was edith tito but brought up by rangitahi kapa (tassie)
07 - April - 2009
Keita Ruwhui ( McNaught )
Kia Ora, Te Whanau

I am the grand daughter of Kamariera Te Hau-Takiri Wharepapa and my age is 95 yrs old born 1914 at Te Araroa, East Cape.
Her mother is Huhana Wharepapa (Ruwhui)Father is Hunia Ngawati Ruwhui.I'm currently living in Whakatane contact number 07 3086966
31 - March - 2009
Mabelle (your sister)
Great update you have done on the site, untiring worker, job well done, cheers
08 - March - 2009
Hi Uncle Colin, just sent you an email. All my love Cassandra.

Great to hear from you.
25 - January - 2009
Ra Heke
Kia Ora!!

He mihinui ki a koutou mo tenei website. Tino rangatira wou mahi.

Ko Au tetahi o nga uri o Putete Heke a Anaru Heke ano noki. No te o Pupuke wena Tupuna, no te Marae o Tahawai raua ko Te Huia.

Na Te Atua E Manaaki

Ra Heke.
25 - December - 2008
Katrina Hodge
Awsome work
04 - December - 2008
Sheryl Anngow
Kiaora taku whanau. I am the second born of Taka Thompson whose mother was Moengaroa Heke. I welcome any inquires and would like to thankyou for the website you have established. I was last up north at the time of Trevor Heke's unveiling. I have lived in Christtchurch for 25 years now but my mum and dad are still in Napier and are well as I keep in contact weekly. Well ka kite whanau. Arohanui Sheryl Anngow.
12 - November - 2008
Sian Mapere
Pai tenei mahi. E mohio au nga uri o Wharepapa raua ko Elizabeth.
23 - June - 2008
Lilian Broadbent
thank you for the priviledge of perusing your page .
We have Heke,s in our whakapapa and we are trying to link up with a few
My dad is linked to the heke,s thru the eramiha,s Kia ora ki a kotou
13 - April - 2008
Marcia Ahern
hi uncle colin, it's marcia here again. sorry to bother you about this, but you've got the dates wrong on all the info i gave for you. e.g. for our wedding date i put 2/11/02 which is 2nd November 2002. I'm not sure where you are, but I do know that the way I wrote it (if you were in the northern hemisphere) could be February 11 2002. I hope this makes sense.
Thanks for all the great work,
23 - March - 2008
Col Heke
Putting absolute rubbish on this website will lead to deletion. Please put information on here you are proud of. If you want a responce please put and an email address on here. If people do not like my website dont visit it. If you could make a better one then please let me know where it can be seen.
09 - March - 2008
Violet Perrett-Heke
Hi this is a great site. I'll get my father inlaw to read your info next time he's up this way as I think he'll find this really good.
20 - February - 2008
Richard Travers
Excellent site.Keep up the good work
16 - February - 2008
This type of information is quite liablous. Further if you dont have the "guts" to identify yourself dont place your personal venom on my site. Just to also let you know I can easily trace you thru your IP address. I have passed this message on to the person that you made these claims against. Admin
18 - January - 2008
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