Kahurangi Brown
To whom this may concern, i was wondering if you would have additional information about the people listed on your site. I am currently trying to research into my whakapapa and would really appreciate any additional information. The family name my family and i are particularly interested in
would be the Rudoph Family.

Look forward to your reply 0278241331
30 - December - 2012
Andea Moon
Kia ora koutou. Just wanted to say how awesome your site is - an fantastic repository! I was wondering if one of the site visitors (R.A.Williams) had been given any feedback re his query into the Thom whānau. I only ask because I recognise the name Thom and \'some\' of the iwi/hapu he mentioned as being Tainui (mind you, that post was a while ago). There are a few places he/they could look for links to their Tainuitanga. I have a few here: 3587182126&ShowSims=Y p?cat_id=99&rowstart=15

Mō taku hē for the long message, Kia ora ra

01 - September - 2012
Hema Broad
Thanks for letting me know of this website...fantastic!
18 - July - 2011
Ngaire King Hohaia
Kia Ora, my name is Ngaire i am Ngapuhi descendent. My fathers name was william james king(makoko)who was originaly known as the Kingi`s from what i remember they had taken the i off and made it King, My mum is Heke Paati Hepa Solomon Tauhinu. who is from Waima. My dads mums names was Nanny Ellen /Karani Wahi and my mums mum was nanny Hannah my grand parents were first cousins to each other I am trying to find some kind of link between my parents / grandparents with any of the koros that had signed the Treaty of Waitangi from up the North Island being Tahekeroa, Hokianga, Kaitia, Waima around those areas.I know that my grandparents were both Hohaia`s or something like that This is a research for my studies at MIT for Comms Level 4 On the topic of Te Tiriti Treay of Waitangi. I hope you can give me a bit of information that I am trying to look for my assessment. I know there is not much information but that is all I know

Thank You for taking the time to ready this panui note Kia Ora Ngaire King Hohaia
27 - March - 2011
Jacki Peachey
I trying to find some information on my whakapapa on the Pokai whanau from Ngati Porou..and wiremu kento and his desendants..can you help..thank you
19 - March - 2011
Paul Andrew Matthews
My name is Paul Andrew Matthews My fathere was Aretera Matthews my grand father was Pouru Matiuwho spend a lot of his time in Pawarenga .mugreat grand father was Matiu Hare Paora.(Ngai Tupango ) Te Ngare from Whangaroa My information tells me his third wife was Eva Heke. Please any information please
i waould appreciate.
Naku Noa Paul Matthews.
12 - March - 2011
Tammy McLean
Good Evening
My mother is researching out family and looking for any information on Jane Waipouri she died 8th November 1926, she is at Houhora Cementary. Any information would be appreciated, my mother, sister and myself are thinking of going to Houhora to see part of our anchestory
thank you
Tammy McLean, Teressa Lawrence and Frances Lawrence(Mirko)
05 - March - 2011
ruiha kamera
kiaora ei te whanau nga mihi nui kia koutou katoa.what alovely site you got,im glad to have been ble to join uz we had an uncle poroake known as ake heke living with us for many years,. till he moved to auckland, otahuhu,till he passed away then we layed him down to rest at mangere cemetary.he may be a member of your family as well, just thought id add this to your site kiaora ra.nga ruiha.
20 - February - 2011
Shaan Edwards
Phone Number 02102923719
Tena Koe Whanau,
My name is Shaan Edwards my whanau is originally from Whakapara, My mother is Rowena Walters(nee Edwards of Whakapara.(Her Mother was a Sherman of Kaihu My father was Damian Minhinnick of Whananaki( His mother was a Peters). Im wanting to make connections with my whanau. I have lost touch with cousins, especially from my dad\'s side, I no longer keep in touch with him, in recent times but like to reconnect!...
Noho ora mai
Shaan Edwards, Ngati Hau!
25 - April - 2010
Erina Kaika
Phone 972 52 7537841 (Israel)
My Grandmother Elizabeth Tarawa
& Mother Doreen Heke Born 1930 at Otane Married to Rua Kaika
I would like to get their Birth Certificates (Copies) while I am at it.
Whare Pouri Heke & Elizabeth Tarawa were my mother Doreens parents from Northland, New Zealand.

Look Forward to your reply,
15 - April - 2010
kristal heke
my grandfather thomas heke his dads name was taipu our lasts names heke but in full te heke kaiawha
27 - March - 2010
Diane Rangi
Kia ora whanau. my name is Diane Rangi, I\'m from Waitara, Taranaki.I have a koro by the name of Tom/or Tommy Heke whom i have never met, neither has my dad, who has now passed away in 2009. I would like to find him or his whanau. My father died at the age of 68yrs, please any info would be most appreciated. Koro worked in Taranki met my grandmother who is still alive, and they were separated when she fell pregnant with my dad.Tena koutou
27 - March - 2010
Thank you for allowing me access to your Whakapapa.
(I feel like a crook looking into someone else private affairs, So I'll give you a little something back,as I dept C.T.could.)
I don't know if I join up at this stage, but my 1st kuzz Kids do,because of her ties with her ex partner Mark Heke.
Cherries ties are from: Foulis of Edinburgh,Scotland 1418-1814,Lawlor of Killarney,Co Kerry ,Ireland 1786-1840,Thomas of Carmarthenshire,Wales, 1749-1836,

In 1841,one of two of our Scottish 5X Great Grand Parents landed on the West Coast of Cornwalliss,Manukau.They were the Lawlors.
1850 saw the Lawlors at Thames as our Ansister had become the 1st Law in forcer there. He also became a lay preacher and had a little church built for him at Taraua.
In 2005 we held part of our Lawlor reunion in the church, located 2-3 Mminutes on the North side of Thames.
For the 1st time in our lives some of us saw who we all came from on the Scottish side,(what a great 2 day affair that was,as it was far too short to get around all the people there.For some reason unknown to the writer none of Cherrie's family were in attendance.
It was from this reunion I meet 3 great women who over 20 years had spent a great deal of time and money to put the Lawlor reunion and a book together.
The book is called: "The 3 Worlds of Ann & Henry Lawlor,
By Louise Buckingham.dec 2009.
ISBN 0-473-10551-9.
I give you this Ref in case one of you are a member to the NZSG,in Auckland.
Louise gave them a book to store.

Our Maori side.
Much of it has been hidden for well over 110years and well do so until I can fix it so all our lost family's are found.
There are land issues here ok,sorry perhaps one day.
But Marks kids should be prod from where our grand parents lines, we all come from.
I don't no Cherrie's Mum side that well,only her name is Nancy Thom (nee Tainui.)Her dad's was William Albert Thom elder brother to my mum and 4th down from the eldest(Sadly the first to were girls and they died in the 1920's)There is an elder brother before William.
His parents were Te Wai Taukiri, of Ngati Tamainu,Ngati Tu Hikirangi,Ngati Te Kiriwai,Maniapoto.
His dad was Eugene Albert Thom,Maniapoto, Ngati Mahuta lines.

I could go on for ever here but I think this is enough to sweeten the apple at this time ah.

Please feel free to Txt me anytime, or drop me a line an I'll endeavor to answer all at some stage.

I do not speak Maori, I'm at a loss with out it, I know.

Cheers From R.A.Williams.
18 - February - 2010
Richard Williams
Hi I got lost in that other message, and for got to ask.
I have a Great Grand Aunty who wants to track down the Williams side of your tree, I saw a Jess Williams.
Perhaps it is these guys that she is looking for.
Her name is Hene Ika Hika (nee Tamainu) Txt me 4 her ph no if it's a go. Ok.
Thank you Richard
18 - February - 2010
Coralee Thompson
Kiaora te whanau
Coralee Thompson here Im Moengaroa Heke's eldest greatgrandchild my Grandfather is Taka Thompson and my mother is Iritana Thompson. I am 25 years old and currently studying Te reo Maori in Te waipounamu where I live. I noticed you have a photo of my great grandfather Sydney Thompson Waipouri in your collection. He mihi nui atu ki a koutou mo tenei kaupapa. Kiaora, arohanui xx
04 - November - 2009
kuikui Totoro
Great that you are researching our grandparents I am a descendant of the ruwhiu whanau Huhana wharepapa married wati ruwhiu my mother is a ruwhiu mauriora
14 - July - 2009
kuikui Totoro
Great that you are researching our grandparents I am a descendant of the ruwhiu whanau Huhana wharepapa married wati ruwhiu my mother is a ruwhiu mauriora
14 - July - 2009
Eneasi Logan Wharepapa
Hey Im trying to find my family history
01 - July - 2009
Carmen Heke
Kia Ora Colin,
Its been a while since I visited your site its good to be back. You would have known my mum Renee, sadly she passed away 11 Nov 2008. A wonderful surpise to see a photo of Pererika, I want to ask you if I may have a (net) copy to place on my site please. I have set up a site (I by no means claim it to be better) and have begun to transfer whakapapa I have collected over the years, for Pererika Heke and Kamariera Wharepapa as well as my grandmother who is Ngati Kahungunu.
it is by invitation only I would be happy to send an invite to you if you would like to see it please send me your email address so I can send the invite.look forward to hearing from you Carmen
30 - June - 2009
rachel tuporo cox
Kiora whanau I am the great granddaughter of Henare Tuporo, brother of Teara Tuporo. I am also a greatgreatgreat grand daughter to Rihari Rihari on my mums side. So good to be able to find whanau and how we are one. Will keep in touch. Luv yous and god bless
24 - June - 2009
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